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Uncivil cyclists sink Milan's shared bikes. The Local. @thelocalitaly. 18 October 2017 14:03 CEST+02:00 milan cycling bike share transport. Share this article. Photo: Andrea Giuricin/Facebook. The Local. @thelocalitaly. 18 October 2017 14:03 CEST+02:00.

Dejpa is one of the major Bitumen and steel drum manufacturers of Iran from 1984.Our company has been registered, with Reg. No. 51009, in “Tehran Company Registration Administration”, and now is one of the bitumen suppliers in IME. This company products are according to Iran National Standard Certificate.

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Peja (Peć in Serbian) is Kosovo's third-largest city and one flanked by sites sacred to Orthodox Serbians. With a Turkish-style bazaar at its heart Peja would be a worthwhile stop on its own, but for most visitors the real reason to visit is to use the town as the launch pad to some wonderful.

Witness Intimidation Leads to Lengthy Prison Term. Child Pornography, Drug, and Weapons Offenses also resolved A Superior Court jury convicted a 37-year-old Laurel man of Home Invasion, two counts of Assault 3rd Degree, Theft Less Than 00, Criminal Mischief Less Than 00, six counts of Breach of Release, two counts of Act of Intimidation, and Conspiracy 2nd Degree.

Peja is known as the "City of Tourism." From here you can access many interesting historic and cultural sites in and around the city as well as access the Accursed Mountains National Park, the Rugova Gorge, and Rugova Valley beyond.

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Peja is well known for sports and sport successes were a lot of youth are practicing various sports. Most famous sports are basketball, football and handball. Peja clubs have been many times Kosovo champions in many sports, though individual sports are developed as well like karate, judo, athletics, boxing and of course skiing.